Corrugated packaging / Corrugated tare

The company “Sydor” is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard – ecological, practical packaging material, which can be easily recycled.

The packing, made of corrugated cardboard, is divided into:

  • transport (owns special liners, which guarantee safety and preservation of goods during transportation)
  • industrial (used by industrial companies)
  • consumer (advertising information printing)

The company “Sydor” offers a wide range of corrugated packaging for application in any field of activity.

  • allows you to reduce the costs of transportation
  • convenient tool for goods storage
  • provides simplicity of accounting and warehousing
  • the advantage of the boxes, made of corrugated cardboard, before other cardboard boxes is their high stiffness and their damping properties, which guarantees excellent protection for packaged goods
  • Complex die cutting, made of corrugated cardboard

    It will safely keep the products and make Your company recognizable, because the complex die cutting from the corrugated board of the company "Sydor" attracts the attention of potential buyers.

    Complex die cutting includes:

    • high strength corrugated boxes;
    • trays with open or semi-open top;
    • boxes with removable or folding lid.
  • Corrugated 4-valve boxes

    A box with a four-valve bottom and a lid. It is used for packing of both large and compact products. The company "Sydor" produces corrugated boxes from three-, five- and seven-layer cardboard. Thanks to this, the container has clear shape and high strength.

  • Corrugated tray

    Open cardboard packaging, made of flat single-layer or corrugated cardboard. Corrugated tray is widely used for packaging of food products, souvenir, household and agricultural products.

    Design of the corrugated tray has two types: self-assembled and assembled using glue and staples.

  • Furniture packing

    The company "Sydor" cares about that the furniture, made by you, shouldn’t be damaged during transportation or storage in a warehouse or in a store, and the process itself shouldn’t take your forces overmuch. It is very important for us. That is why we are the manufacturers of strong boxes, which are the best solution of the problem of transportation and furniture storage.

    With our boxes, you will be able to deliver furniture of any size to all your customers.

  • Internal elements for boxes

    • Lattices
    • Partitions
    • Tabs
    • Gaskets

    The addition to the cardboard package is its internal elements, thanks to which the box can not only be compacted, but can be made more functional and convenient for goods storage.

  • Self- assembled boxes of complex die-cutting

    Boxes from corrugated cardboard have a solid bottom, a folding cover with fixation elements, strong walls, which allows to stack them. Such packaging is assembled manually and does not require glue, scotch or staples.

Packaging and tare, made of corrugated cardboard of the company “Sydor” is a guarantee of reliable storage and transportation of your products. After all, we care about our customers and offer only the best!

If you are interested in our products, or if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. Write to us..